Hameed Kochi Construction Company LTD (HKCC)

Construction, Rehabilitation & Development of Afghanistan

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HKCC and its subsidiaries are committed to providing materials and construction services while taking a leading role in protecting the environment and our natural resources. HKCC manages its businesses according to the following guiding principles and strives to:


Train employees to understand environmental issues related to their work and their personal responsibility in environmental matters.
Educate and encourage employees to actively support environmental stewardship on their job.t Be proactive in meeting environmental challenges.
Establish and maintain appropriate programs and plans to preempt environmental damage resulting from our operations..


Operate and maintain all equipment and facilities with consideration to their potential impact on the environment.
Evaluate proposed projects for potential impacts to the environment and our natural resources. Preserve the reuse potential of our real estate assets through foresight and proper management.


Provide industry leadership in establishing standards of care.
Work with trade associations, lawmakers and regulators in the shaping of local, state and federal environmental laws and policies.


To act in an environmentally responsible manner and comply with all laws, regulations and other legal requirements pertaining to environmental safety. Commit our employees to take responsibility for the compliance of operations under their control.