Hameed Kochi Construction Company LTD (HKCC)

Construction, Rehabilitation & Development of Afghanistan

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PROJECT AND LAND DEVELOPMENT :  HKCC is a diversified and opportunistic real estate investment and Development Company looking to invest our own equity capital in carefully selected real estate projects throughout the objective is to establish strategic alliances with real estate developers with a dedicated commitment to implementing a successful business plan.

Our philosophy and goal is to partner with strong management teams, who are able to enhance the value of a project through creative design, engineering and negotiation, understanding of the subject markets, identifying issues and providing solutions. Once the relationship has been solidified, we look to the partners to screen potential opportunities based on local knowledge, provide the necessary underwriting analysis, arrange for an organized and timely closing and then implementation of the agreed upon business plan through exit.

HKCC senior management is made up of seasoned real estate professionals with the experience to assist with the projects we invest in including business plan preparation, strategic project planning, financing, acquisitions, risk management and legal matters. This allows our partner access to corporate resources and transactional expertise without having to duplicate overhead.

We believe in a team approach and our partner relationships are the #1 priority. Success, evidenced by profitable ventures, is the final measure and we are committed to providing the tools necessary to achieve this. Address: